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Emily Marie Apparel was created for you! A strong, confident, and beautiful woman who seeks to empower those around her. A woman who embraces her curves and her unique qualities that make her one of a kind!  A woman who takes control and lives life on her own terms no matter what challenges she may face. Our goal is to provide you with style and support to take the first step in becoming the woman you were always meant to be.


Morgan Shapiro

The moment I tried on Emily Marie apparel biker shorts, the game changed. Not only did I crush leg day right after but I felt sexy, comfortable, and confident. Not to mention the clothing can withstand all types of workouts. From barbell squats to a nice yoga flow, it just works! I’d 100% recommend Emily Marie Apparel to any and everyone!


Victoria Patriarca

These are the best workout clothes I own! The leggings are breathable, comfortable, and fit me perfectly. They don’t create any unwanted creases or bunching up. I can mix and match my outfits too due to the variety of colors and styles. I love this brand!


Andrea Debiase

I am absolutely delighted with the material and style of Emily Marie Apparel's fitted crop top. It's true to size and the material feels light and comfortable. I also love that I can wear it to go to the gym or with a pair of jeans to go out!